Fashion Designer Neidra Demery and Nydra Demery Couture

Welcome to the elegant world of designer fashion where mother and daughter Neidra Demery and Nydra Demery come together for exciting fashion and fun, enjoying the exquisite taste of their designer creations. NEIDRA & NYDRA  designed a  beautiful mother & daughter COUTURE. Such a grand privilege to enjoy a bond together as we create beauty and glam. Our brand create inspiration in the daily lives of mothers and daughters that was born from the desire to share style and happiness together. We enjoy expressing femininity through all ages. Our collections are truly meant to be worn with style and grace. Such a joy in creating a mother and daughter line together in choosing the finest of eloquent fabric’s; coordination of various colors and working together with the entire team in creating the couture line from start to finish . Such a pleasure to see the excitement and thrill of Neidra and Nydra Demery manufacturing the collection for boutiques around the globe. Coming to a store n

Announcing the N.K.D Resort Collection

Introducing the resort and cruise collection designed by Neidra Demery to be featured on the catwalk. With summer on the horizon and just a blink away enjoy the summer fun in the sun as you relax your mind; unwind and treat yourself to the summer breeze of peace and serenity. The perfect vacation begins with the perfect outfit. Pack your bags with the N.K.D pool side resort wear with looks for every occasion on your list. Choose your get away while making a reservation and escape to an unforgettable destination, choosing from our latest resort collection. As we enjoy the many unique styles of creativity behind the work of Designer Neidra Demery, it never seems to surprise us when we see a new sophisticated piece created and showcased in boutiques across the US. Having a sharp eye for exquisite taste an abundance of  dazzling styles its such a pleasure to treasure all the hot pieces that will be dropping this summer. Launching the first couture collection in the spring of 2013 it took a

The Design Firm of Neidra Demery, Is where we turn your dreams into a reality.

Pleased to offer an exquisite taste in lavish home decor. Creating the beauty of elegance and designs in the luxury environment of your beautiful home. Showcasing designer’s creations. Offering a total design experience from architectural detailing to interior design function and form. We create a unified environment that last a life time. Creating spaces that are both functional and superb. Neidra Demery Interiors invite you to experience our unique blend of home furnishings and decor. A wide selection of dramatic pieces to accentuate your space. From casual living to sensual environments we create the perfect divine design’s that gives your home that eloquent appeal. We blend exquisite taste in furnishings to bring your personal style to life.  Neidra Demery celebrate the balance between shadow and light form and function, monument and nature. Our design projects evoke the unique life styles of our clients.  Skilled at masterfully blending the fundamentals of building and designing t

Announcing by Neidra Demery

Neidra Demery Interiors Design Firm has projects displayed in the House Beautiful magazine , Luxe magazine, Home & Decor magazine and soon to be featured in Home Interior Design Magazine. When creating and designing vacation homes, luxury residential homes and commercial business we add a touch of elegance to our design theme. Known for our transitional style , sophisticated spaces, and a bold contrast in color we design every project to your perfection and complete satisfaction. We design rooms and homes that reflect and blend the client's personality along with their unique individual taste and style from beginning to end. Encouraging all of our clients to develop their own unique blend. Neidra Demery Interiors ultimately try to captivate their attention towards designing a one of a kind over all luxury masterpiece that gives them a dazzling appeal of elevation. Our process begins by completely understanding the entire concept of the clients family lifestyle. Whe

Announcing featuring Neidra Demery

What a grand privilege to announce the creative director Neidra NeNe Celena Ketch Demery. To embark upon such a remarkable adventure within the fashion industry is truly astounding! When it comes to elegance, glamour, and sophistication Neidra Ketch Demery expresses it all in her unique flare of designer fashions. The creative director has certainly established a name for herself when it comes to her outstanding relationship with her clients and so many other well established designers. Neidra’s keen eye for fashion has a stunning appeal of eloquence which has struck the interest of so many eyes around the globe. Neidra says as a fashion designer I am delighted to embrace my creativity through so many unique creations of designs. She explains how her pieces are won with a wild taste of imagination and a sparkle of sophistication. Every single garment that is created has to make a fashion statement or exhibit some type of jazz appeal. Neidra Ketch Demery expresses her deep love a

Introducing by Neidra Demery

We are delighted to announce by Neidra Deery. Come learn more about what we have to offer when it comes to Fashion and Interior Design and more.

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